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November 2014

Cycle Chat 22.11.14

Jon “Lockegate” affair is not over yet!! Rightly so after such an injustice that would not stand up in a British Court of Law!!


There has been frustration on both sides has prompted a heated exchange of words between banned South Devon cyclist Jonathan Tiernan-Locke and Brian Cookson, UK president of the sport’s ruling body (UCI).


Jon still angry (but dealing with it maturely) at the way the UK Anti-Doping agency (UKAD) convicted him of ‘doping’ on a ‘biological passport’ blood test, recently described his UKAD hearing as ‘a mickey mouse court’.


As you will know Jon was suspended for two years and was stripped of his 2012 Tour of Britain victory, but he has never failed a drug test and has always protested his innocence.

The key issue remains the reliability of the ‘passport’ regime.


Jon has supported the passport in principle in the past, but he insists that it is being applied in the wrong way. Mr Cookson and the UCI are now having to defend the passport system and its guidelines, not just in the Jon’s case but internationally.


The test, the first he would take as part of the passport programme, produced blood values that did not match four samples he provided over the course of 2013. This accumulation of data is how the experts establish what is "normal" for each athlete. In Jon’s case, the anomaly came first.


Specifically, the test appeared to show he had either been using the blood-boosting drug EPO in the weeks before the British race, or had had a transfusion to achieve the same effect. There was, however, no "positive".


Jon says his blood values were skewed that morning because he was recovering from a bottle of wine, half a dozen double gins and a few vodkas for the road.


He says he felt so ill the following day he did not eat or drink, for fear of vomiting, which left him dehydrated when he was randomly tested the following morning.


"I try not to be bitter about it," Says Jon. "I know I won those races fair and square, but I am still stunned by what happened.


"We tried to show them my bank and phone records so they could see how I simply could not have pulled off the kind of operation they were suggesting. We also asked them to re-test my Tour of Britain samples. They didn't want to know.


The biological passport is great in principle, if it's used to identify trends, but that is not how it's being implemented.


We certainly don’t want cyclists to give any old excuse and getaway with doping(which I believe should be for life not just 2 years!!) but there must be a better way to stop ruining Jon’s cycling career and maybe others and also to put a complete end to doping.


Until next week,



Cycle Chat 15.11.14

Cyclo-cross is taking off in leaps and bounds this year and to date we have sold 8 Cyclo-cross bikes so far this year. In stock in the shop we have a selection of Ridleys.


Ridley Bikes are the worldwide leaders in the cyclocross market. This is reflected in the sponsorship of two of the biggest teams in the cyclocross circuit, Telenet-Fidea and Sunweb-Napoleongames. Telenet-Fidea with former world champion Bart Wellens and Tom Meeusens is always in the front of each race. Kevin Pauwels and Klaas Vantornout are the leaders of Sunweb-Napoleongames.


The total amount of victories in modern cyclocross for Ridley Bikes is impressive. 7 World titles, several national titles and wins in all the major series as Super Prestige, GvA/Bpost and the UCI World Cup. An unrivalled track record in cyclocross!


Ridley is the bike to go for!! If you want to take up the sport or need a new bike or and accessories call in and see us in Paignton for a chat and we are sure that we will be able to come up with some advice about Cyclo-cross and what is available.


Not in the area then give us a ring on 01803-553095.


Sir Bradley Wiggins has yet to confirm his plans for 2015, but details are rapidly emerging of his new project: a British-based team that he will ultimately ride for.


It looks likely that Bradley will start the season with Team Sky before switching to his new Continental-level team mid-year. The UCI has a transfer window for riders between June 1-25, which would fit perfectly.


Bradley has previously stated that he is aiming to ride Paris-Roubaix on April 12, and that it would be one of his major targets for the season. A prestigious one-day Classic race win is pretty much the only thing missing from his palmares, and they don’t come more prestigious than the ‘Hell of the North’. Ninth place in the 2014 event shows he has what it takes – and 2015 is his last chance for glory.


Wiggins looks set to take on the iconic Hour Record in June 2015, most likely early in the month and while still signed with Sky. All expectation is that he will set a new distance for the Hour that will be extremely hard to beat. After that, he may well leave Sky and start with his new team.


It’s very likely that Bradley will recruit the services of current Great Britain track endurance riders, as they head towards the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He is aiming to win one last Olympic title in Rio – and the team pursuit is his best bet to claim a fifth gold.


No sponsorship has been announced yet, although it is thought that Sky may be involved in some capacity but not as a title sponsor due to conflict with its WorldTour team.


The team is being built to bring together British endurance riders as they head towards Rio 2016, and will be wholeheartedly sympathetic to blocks of training on the track as well as taking part in road races when this fits in.


After the team’s inaugural season, focus will likely switch more towards the track – in Bradley’s case it’s likely he will focus almost entirely on the track. Perhaps we will see the team fielding riders in the Revolution track series as well as representing Great Britain in Track World Cups.


Until next week,




Cycle Chat 09.11.14

Simon (CLC Proprietor) is getting everything set up to start production of his own design Aske Bike. The computer program for help with design has arrived. This program will work out the exact dimensions, length of tubing and angles required for the exact fit for a anybody size and for the purpose the bike is used i.e. racing, touring or leisure.


The bike Simon made whilst on his recent Bike Building Course will be for his own personal use and will be built to the top specification available so when you call in the shop keep an eye out for it. It will be a stunner!!


So if you are interested in having a bike built to your exact specification, body size and colour call in our shop at Paignton for a chat or else ring us on 01803-553095.


Further details and photos are also available on the Aske Bike Facebook page:


There could be changes a foot for two of the sport’s icons; the beautiful three-week laps around Spain and Italy.


The 1914 Giro d’Italia had four stages longer than 400 kilometres and riders began at midnight the night before the stage was to end. The modern-day Vuelta still looks like slow-motion death on a bicycle; its heritage equal parts heat and elevation.


Outside of the Tour de France, these are the stage-race apples of a GC man’s eye.

And they may be on the chopping block.


Little is concrete — publicly, at least — about the restructuring of the road calendar under the new vanguard at the UCI and cycling’s major stakeholders. Reforms are expected to be announced this winter, possibly effective by 2017.


Fernando Alonso has confirmed that his hopes of forming a professional cycling team will not materialise in 2015 but insisted that he still has plans to establish a team at some point in the future. Fernando repeated his refrain that cycling could benefit from cross-pollination with some of the ideas and innovations at play in the world of Formula 1.


You often wonder with all the money sponsors put into different sports whether it pays. Well it does in cycling!! Sponsoring a professional cycling team can be a lucrative deal, and Team Sky’s band of backers certainly appear to be feeling the benefit of the sport’s growth in the UK.


Clothing company Rapha and car marque Jaguar may have put their resources behind Team Sky for different reasons, but both have seen a rise in their respective profiles in the last few years.


Since becoming Sky’s official clothing partner in 2013, Rapha have seen 15-20% of their sales in the UK come from professional kits, replicas and supporter apparel.


Until next week,








Cycle Chat 01.11.14

It is good how the British Road Championships are moved around Britain giving people in different areas to see the Best of British. Next year it is Lincolnshire’s turn.


The event, which typically attracts some of Britain’s best cyclists, will see champions crowned in the road and time trial disciplines. Last year saw Peter Kennaugh, Laura Trott, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Emma Pooley crowned elite champions in Wales.


Following a hugely successful event in Monmouthshire in 2014 which saw thousands of spectators line the streets, the event will take place from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 June 2015, beginning with the time trial at Cadwell Park Motor Racing Circuit.


The remainder of the time trial route will be held on fully closed roads - running along the top of the Lincolnshire Wolds as well as taking in the villages of Ruckland, Oslears Lane and Bluestone Heath Road.


The road race, which takes place on the Sunday, will officially start at The Yarnborough Leisure Centre. This will also serve as the race headquarters and team village. The finish line for the event will be in Lincoln’s Castle Square.


Taking in the villages of Stow, Willingham by Stow, Kexby, and Corringham, plus many more, the 28-mile loop is a variation of the route used for the 2014 Lincoln Grand Prix.


Matthias Brändle successfully set a new Hour Record of 51.852 kilometres at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, on Thursday evening.


The 24-year-old Austrian of the IAM Cycling team beat Jens Voigt’s mark of 51.115km set on September 18 a few miles away in Grenchen.


At the half-way, half-hour point Brändle was up on Voigt’s mark by over 50 seconds and he managed to maintain his advantage despite easing up slightly in the second half of his leg-searing effort.


After the attempt, Brändle admitted that he had suffered a rough patch just after the mid-way point.


This is how the top 4 look with Chris Boardman still in the running:-


Hour records
Matthias Brändle (AUT) 51.852km Swizterland, 30/10/2014
Jens Voigt (GER) 51.115km Switzerland, 18/09/2014
Ondrej Sosenka (CZE) 49.700km Moscow, 19/07/2005
Chris Boardman (GBR) 49.441km Manchester, 27/10/2000


As the weather takes a turn for the worse and the nights start to draw in closer, the thought of riding to and from work during winter becomes ever less appealing.


It’s understandable though. After a hard day, the thought of pedalling home through harsh weather conditions doesn’t exactly fill the body with excitement and enthusiasm. However, it’s important you keep at it, as regular riding over the winter will not only maintain your fitness levels, but also help build momentum for when the sportive or racing season starts again in spring.


Riding to and from work during autumn and winter can be tough, but with the right clothing, bike modifications, lights and willpower, it’s easily achievable. For the good of our heart, health and wellbeing, more people should be turning to two wheels, whatever the weather.


Most of my cycling recently has been done cycling to work some 6 miles there and back and even home for dinner some days. Colin Lewis Cycles can help you with your cold and wet weather kit selection!! Give us a ring on 01803 553095 or call in and we will fit you up!!


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