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Colin Lewis Cycles is a family run, indepedent bike shop established in 1976 by Tour de France rider and twice British National Road Champion, Colin Lewis.


The Shop is now run by Simon and Lisa Aske. Simon had worked with Colin for 10 years before taking control of the company in 2006.



A short background of Simon's interest in cycling:


"My love of cycling began in 1990 when, not having a great deal of money, I began cycling to work. Work was 6 miles away where I started working with Carbon Fibre. It was there that I came up with the idea of a true monocoque bicycle frame.

Pictured in 1992 is the first mock up, to test the single rear arm design that simplified molding techniques. From there, the design was tidied up, and was even tested by then Olympic Champion Chris Boardman. The design worked well but to make it commercially available was proving a headache.

In 1993, Hotta Design was set up and I reverted back to a conventional rear layout that would enable any wheel to be used. The design proved a success, with myself catching Jeremy Hunt (Benesto) for 1 minute on its first outing (it was Boxing Day). With Richard Prebble winning the national 10, 25 and 50 mile distances the bike was gathering a growing reputation.

Chris Boardman was the next to jump on, which required a new fork and handlebar setup to suit his ultra low position. In the year of 1996 I was supplying forks to the Festina team including Richard Virenque, and to Motorola including Lance Armstrong wow.

I'm afraid my racing Palmares are nowhere near Colin's but I have had my first road race win this year here. Don't lose the enjoyment of riding a bike.

Happy riding


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